Step In To Your Graceful Feminine Leadership!

A beautiful young woman was sitting in the chair in front of me after we had completed her Hand Analysis and in the middle of the coaching session that followed, she started crying and throwing at me different verbal objections as to why she couldn�t see herself as a Leader.

Her eyes were red and very sad, her voice low and weak. “I am not a Leader!�, �What makes you say that? How can you say that! I am so scared when people are watching me speak on stage or when I am giving other people instructions. I can’t even stand up for myself, how can I lead others?”

“Hmmm, I said, that�s because it shows Leadership on the lines on your hands. If this is on your hands, it is in your life. There is no doubt about it. Now, you may not have focused on it, you may not have been thinking about it, you have your limited beliefs about your abilities and your expectations for yourself. But it is there, in your hands and Life will constantly challenge you to step in to your leadership shoes till you get the message!�

The Magic of Hand Analysis is that it always works!

Let me discuss something that will make good sense to you. As women, we are all playing different roles in our lives: Child, Parent, Business Women, Boss, Spouse, Leader, Friend, Lover, etc. Each of these roles involves a different set of responsibilities and mindset.

If you get mixed up with your roles and constantly play Boss in your family you will create challenges with your loved ones. They don’t want a bossy mother or wife, they want a strong, sweet and compassionate woman who is open to forgiveness, understanding them and hugging them.

The same will happen with you if get mixed up and you start playing Parent in your business where you have a Leadership position. You are helping too much, concerned too much about others and not speaking up about your frustrations and misunderstandings, and in no way are you giving your business the direction it needs.

Where in business or life you are Giving Away Your POWER?

Where are your boundaries, how low are yourself expectations, what kind of an example are you setting, why don’t you trust others and just leave them alone to do what they supposed to do?

Let me share with you a few of my coaching secrets that will help you to transit to your natural Leadership greatness.

1. One of the most important qualities of Graceful Feminine Leadership is having healthy boundaries. Start building your boundaries with others and yourself. Ask yourself the question “Do I like it? Do I want it? Is this where I want my business to go? Is this good for my family? “Respect your answers and follow through consistently.

2. Learn how to speak up for what you want. Nobody will know your expectations, desires and your feelings if you don’t let them know. If you are a business owner, share your vision and your mission statement for your business with your employees. This allows employees to participate and feel like they belong.

3. Trust your intuition, your feminine instinct!
Come on! You forgot about your secret weapon, use it more often. Activate it by start to trust it.

4. Start nurturing yourself and develop an “I deserve it!” attitude!

5. Put all these skills together, blend them with confidence, sprinkled with some sexiness, a little bit charisma and you’ve got a Feminine Leadership recipe for success!

By the way my client has gone on to become tremendously comfortable with her leadership ability after we spent time working together. As a result of these inner transformations her business life and her family life have changed immeasurably.

Schedule a session with me to learn more about activating the Graceful Feminine Leadership Magic in your own life. Your life never be the same.
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Eleven Characteristics Every Leader Does Regularly

1.A leader is focused on his dreams. A leader looks in front consistently, working on a visualization for a better future. Always content, but never willing to settle for less than what they require without a struggle.

2.A leader heads forth before accomplishment is certain. If other people are not nervous, concerned, incredulous, unenthusiastic, or negative about where you are headed, then it’s almost certainly been done before and is not a very important deal. Leaders commence projects that have not been attempted.

3.A leader talks about his own mistakes prior to talking about anyone else’s. Leaders are not perfect, and are happy to acknowledge what they need to improve on. They are their own worst enemy, and know that the log in their own eye is often larger than the splinter in someone elses.

4.A leader makes others better. Positivity, motivation, inspirational, support, help & guidance, answerability, example. We all require these items.

5.A leader is swift to upliftand encourage the tiniest amount of change for the better. Every leader knows that they got to their position by minor, distinct steps in that direction, not colossal advances forward. Leaders celebrate small achievements, lifting up their followers.

6.A leader is really interested in his/her fellow man. People are selfish by nature, and leaders know that others want and need to be listened to and focused on.

7.A leader takes others along with him/her. A smart leader surrounds themselves with others that are smarter and more gifted than themselves.

8.A leader never allows murmuring�from himself or others. Leaders never allow gossip or negative talk to creep into their business.

9.A leader does what is correct rather than what is popular. The masses are usually looking for what is accepted, that is why they never become great. My favorite quote is – �Two roads diverged into the wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.� (Frost) Doing what is right will ensure that integrity and honesty is the base of a leaders value system.

10. A leader is a servant. A leader is the earliest one to do what no one else wants to. You don’t need to look any further than when the Son of God washed his disciples feet.

11. A leader goes the extra mile. A leader does far more than what is anticipated of them. Up early, up late, drive anywhere, fly anywhere, not only willing to do the labor necessary to see achievement, but willing to work harder than anyone else to get there.

MLM Leader Tracey Walker And Her Complete MLM Blog Makeover

Tracy Walker is hilarious, and today there are few people in the internet marketing who haven’t heard her amazing story of success. However, it all did not happen overnight and there was a long road of preparation when Tracey had to ripe for the decision that would change her whole life and career. She went through several stages that all marketers go through. What is so amazing about her is that she did not give up and managed to identify really fast what it took to succeed. Having good education with an MA degree and a positive and enthusiastic worldview, Tracy was not taken aback in 2002 when she got laid off and had to look for a niche that would welcome her outstanding skills and selfless zeal to create new opportunity not only for her own but for the benefit of the people who were around her.

So, Tracey had realized that due to who she was, and how much she wanted to do in her lifetime, she was meant for mlm. In 2007 she invests a lot of her time and efforts into learning and trying out classic and new marketing methods, and creates several hundreds of presentations in an attempt to succeed. This experience would open her eyes on the opportunities that come with internet, on-line marketing systems, and on-line lead generation advantages over old marketing strategies.

Her marketing experience takes another positive turn when Tracey Walker saw that she could handle only this much on her own and had done all she possibly could what concerned theoretical knowledge. Now she was in need of an instructor with practical skills and teaching talent to show her marketing strategies applied in real life. Daegan Smith was convinced that Tracey had no desire to waste his time. The synergism resulted in complete change in strategy and a fresh look at marketing opportunities for the next several years.

Only three months later, Daegan Smith, full aware of Tracey’s potential, offers her a wonderful chance of co-authoring a series of books called “The Power of Leadership”. That was a crucial step in her life. Her name got among the top best-sellers and credibility grew tremendously. On the wings of success, she quickly climbs one marketing mountaintop after another and feels that she is now ready to start her own internet business. She invests time and soon is rewarded with 70 followers all hired by herself.

Somewhere along the way Tracey faces the same problem thousands of successful charismatic marketers face when building their companies – duplicating. The successful business lady generates innumerable leads and sponsors huge numbers of prospects but she realizes that mlm is about duplicating these outstanding results – multiplying people like herself. Ten people who are taught will do 10 times more than any single person. The business woman understood that this halts her progress and impact in the business like nothing else. If only she could train the people who joined in with her to at least 80% of what she knew and could, she would not only build a massive foundation for the company’s effectiveness but would also help thousands of internet marketers develop their own skills and talents through an in-depth training process.

You’ll ask what so special about Tracey’s marketing success? I have covered a couple of important factors of Tracey Walker’s personal and professional life that seem to be of the uttermost importance, like having a good mentor and a bright personality, but there are some other features that are not uncommon to all successful mlm business women. I don’t say that you can improve chances on all these points but a lot is, indeed, up to you:

� Tracey is a positive person. Have you ever seem a successful businessman who is always skeptical and negative about his business? I haven’t. Ventures
succeed and some fail but you want to select and participate in those that are lucrative and sift through the rest. Any business is risky but money likes secret places that scare 99% of

�An understanding and supportive partner and family;

�A selfless attitude. Mlm is a highly competitive business and a lot depends on how you perform. That’s why one should be extremely demanding to himself and
his personal organization. At the same time, successful marketers are never selfish or self-centered people – everyone works in the team and for the good of the team;

� One needs to use the right marketing strategies and systems. There are many rivaling systems out there, however, the best will include all you need in one masterfully
elaborated package;

�Skills in writing, blogging and creating at least 30 leads a month etc.

I wanted to make this Tracey Walker review not only informative but also supportive for those of you are starting out in the business. There are few things in this life that are simple and require no skills. All business involves some risks but rewards those who take the chance to succeed. Tracey is making today many thousands of dollars a month – and that’s just the 3′rd year of her promising career. Your story can be next ion one of my articles.